Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Food Documentaries

Recently, I’ve been enjoying watching food documentaries on Netflix. My general routine is to do my Wii workout and then sit down for a little “healthy” encouragement to which my children exclaim, “Are you watching food again?!?” It can take a week or two to watch a documentary in its entirety, but my brain handles all the information a little bit better that way.

I’ve watched Food Matters, Food Inc., Fat Sick and Nearly Dead, and Forks Over Knives. I’ve taken a little bit away from each one of them. Food Matters – eat more organic, Food Inc. – try to avoid feed lot beef (grass fed beef is best) and non-organic chicken, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead – juicing is an awesome way to get important nutrients to the body quickly and efficiently, and Forks Over Knives – cut back on meat consumption, eat more vegetables, and start looking for meatless recipes to add to the weekly menu (I do still wonder if the "meat/meat eaters" in question or in the studies were organically grown, grass-fed, free-range, etc., meats or just the typical junk meats?). Of course, there were other items/areas of importance in each of these documentaries, but those are examples of what spoke to me. Other people may have gotten other messages.

I try not to consume myself with the subject of food because I have found that it can be a huge distraction in other areas of life, but little by little over the years, I have been trying and will continue to try to make changes that will become just a normal part of every day around here.

Watching documentaries like these is a good part of the process for me, as the more educated I become, the easier it is to make the changes.