Monday, November 12, 2012

Ingles 4 Under $40 - 12Nov2012

Alrighty guys and gals, it is looking like you will have fun this week with a quiche, salmon, pork loin and chicken. Also, think about your best sweet potato recipes because those suckers are going cheap! (I think I will throw mine into the Crockpot with the pork loin.)

I will do what I can today to get this posted quickly, but please have much grace this week. My sweet granddaddy is not doing well at all and apart from an awesome intervention of God he will likely not last the week. He has suffered long with the disease that is dementia and it has robbed him of his vitality and now of his very life. I am thanful, though, that he will soon be in a place where there is no more hardship and no more dispair. He will be free from the body that is bogged down in sin and receive the new body and new name waiting on him in glory.

Thanks for your prayers this week and if I don't get to the new recipes or meals then respond to this post and show everyone else what you came up with!


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