Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Not-So-Sucessful Adventures in Homemade

Thanks to my friend, Mindy, and this blog she posted to me on Facebook, I had the genius idea today to make my own lotion and shaving lotion. I have had great success with homemade washing powders (the Fels-Naptha/Borax one). I also love the vinegar/blue Dawn bathroom and counter cleaner (it makes all things shiny and sparkly and doesn't require a trip to see my favorite physician for respiratory meds.) So when Mindy recommended homemade lotion and shaving lotion - even though I am UBER picky about my lotions - I decided I'd give it a shot.

One of the things I like about making my own stuff at home is I am better able to monitor the cruddy/chemically things that find their way into the products we use regularly. I know, I know, they're not all bad, but some of them are just not great and if I can avoid them I try to do that. I knew first off that the coconut oil was the only item on the ingredient list that was organic. Thankfully I had plenty at home and didn't have to spend anything for it (very nice) and I headed out to the Wally to grab the others. I am sure you can sub other organic products in for the ones Jillee recommends, but I figured I go the cheaper route this time.

Shampoo, conditioner, vitamin E cream, baby lotion, and 2 lotion pumps (I don't keep extra ones of these around - I call that clutter) later I have spent $13.33 (not including tax). I get to my table, find my bowls and mixer and funnel and bowl-scraping-utensil-whose-name-escapes-me and mix up a batch of lotion at roughly $1.60 per 8oz and shaving lotion at roughly $.75 per about 10oz. Clean-up was easy (always a plus) and I have plenty of products left over to make another 3 batches of lotion and umpteen more batches of shaving lotion. (NOTE: These prices do NOT include the coconut oil as I already had that on hand.)


The lotion has already made me sneeze. It is nice and thick, but a little on the greasy side for 97 degree summer weather that one expects in July. I think it will be GREAT on heels that need some extra TLC after too many days in sandals so I'll try it before I go to bed tonight. The results of this very scientific foot test will determine whether I will make other batches.

I haven't shaved with the shaving lotion yet. It does smell nice and it hasn't made me sneeze. If The Preacher will use it then it's a go, if not . . . who knows?

The Moral of the Story:

I should have bought the bottle of conditioner ($1.46) and shaved my legs with that and spend the rest on the $10 tube of my favorite-I-use-it-all-the-time-daily Naked Bee lotion and been done with the whole ordeal. (Although it's not really her fault, I may blame this little endeavor on Mindy. She's been getting away with too much lately anyway!)

From the Mom who spent too much to save too little . . . . Megan


  1. Hmmm.....I haven't tried the lotion yet and after reading your review, I might just wait until this winter. I love the way the shaving cream turned out though...I actually look forward to shaving my legs, well almost! Although to be fair, I had most of the products on hand so the actual cost wasn't too much. (And yes, I already had the bottles on hand so that helped too!)

    The infamous Mindy

  2. Appreciate the honesty! Thanks for saving me the time of trying that. Although, Mindy has me a little curious about the shaving cream. May have to give it a shot.