Saturday, July 21, 2012

Why Remarkably Whole?

Obviously I am no great blogger. Rhonda is certainly the more well-written and frequent author of our team, but I have been thinking for several weeks that if I am going to do this then it's time to get on board and work this out.

I have tried blogging before and I noticed that most of what I would write came across as rather angry. I did not consider myself an angry person, but as our Heavenly Father in his infinite wisdom often does, he revealed to me some areas of significant anger in my life and some places that, together, we need to clean up and make whole.

And there it was, did you catch it? The name for our blog is REMARKABLY WHOLE! We are not remarkably whole because of anything that we have done or who we are. Sure we are pretty neat Southern gals with a penchant for health and wellness inside and out, but we are remarkably whole because of what HE has done in our lives and in our hearts. Do we have this life all figured out? Certainly not. Are our homes always clean and our meals always homemade and our laundry always done. Um, no. Do we get our quiet times done daily and always make wise choices in our speech and child rearing and diets? Not quite. But, we are on this journey that is changing the things in our lives that aren't like the One we follow.

And we are discovering that this walk is a two-way one-way street of graciousness from the Giver of all Good Things. He gives us the desire to be Remarkably Whole and also provides for us the ability to be Remarkably Whole. It's all rather amazing and it's never dull. He is gracious and true and is doing as he has promised as we give over to him everything we are.


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