Monday, February 18, 2013

And we welcome . . . PUBLIX

I've heard from several of you who love the 4 Under $40 idea, but just wish it expanded to Publix. I've been resistant because, well, I can't get to Publix and it saves me time just to worry about one place. However, my sweet brother told me he loved my idea, he just wished I covered Publix so . . . because he's a spoiled turkey . . . There is now a Publix 4 Under $40. (Scroll to the end of the page for shopping list and prices.)

Monday - Homemade Pizza

Really this one is easy. Just follow the directions per the frozen dough box and you're set. Looking at totals there's plenty more room to add veggies to your pizza as you desire, but these few ingredients were the easiest to find in the sale paper.


Tuesday - Kielbasa "Roast"

This isn't a roast in the truest sense of the word. But, you wind up with nicely roasted veggies and yummy Kielbasa - which can be a pleasant change from beef or chicken. I forgot to add onion onto my list, but grab one of those, too, chop it up with your veggies and throw into a lightly greased baking dish (or Dutch oven). Cut your Kielbasa into 1in. pieces and add to your veggies. Cover tightly and bake at 350 degrees for about 45min to 1 hour. Quick fix meal that is SUPER CHEAP!


Wednesday -

On Wednesdays I take the day off from cooking. We go to a church that serves Wednesday night dinner. The community is awesome and my kitchen is the neater for it.

Thursday - Sirloin Salad

Do you like Longhorn Steakhouse's "7 Pepper Steak Salad?" It's a favorite of mine and when I saw Publix advertising top sirloin and Arugula salad together I knew it was worth a shot. Pepper your steak up nicely with whatever is in your cabinet and if black pepper is all you have then that will work just fine. The Preacher got a new grill for Christmas so any excuse to fire that baby up is fine with him. Otherwise, cook it one the stovetop. It will taste just fine. [If there's only 2-4 of you then you'll need just one pound of this top sirloin. (When you add it to a salad it goes a long way.) Therefore I only calculated for 1 pound. But, if you want more, there's plenty of wiggle room in the budget.] Thinly slice and add the warm steak to the Arugula and top wth preferred dressing. Enjoy.

Friday - Ravoli

Use Rosetto frozen ravioli and prepare per package directions. Top with heated Publix pasta sauce (or pasta sauce of choice). There's Cole's Garlic Bread on sale, but I thought the bakery Artisan Loaves looked super fun. You can use your left over Arugula and salad dressing from last night to add a salad to your pasta if that's how you roll.

TOTAL: $31.49. Delicious dinners for less than the cost of one meal out!


Homemade Pizza
Italian Frozen Pizza Dough
BOGO $2.69
Boar's Head Pepperoni
Ragu Pizza Sauce
BOGO $1.49
Publix Shredded Cheese
Kielbasa "Roast"
Hillshire Farm Kielbasa
Baby Carrots
Russet Baking Potatoes
Ravoli & Pasta Sauce
Rosetto Ravioli
BOGO $4.19
Publix Pasta Sauce
Bakery Artisan Loaf Bread
Fresh Express Bag Salad
BOGO $3.99
Sirloin Salad
Top Sirloin
Baby Arugula
Wishbone Dressing
BOGO $2.65


  1. When you say pepperoni and cheese 2/$6, do you mean 2 lbs?

  2. Now Taylor should design you a 4 Under $40 Ingles logo and a 4 Under $40 Publix logo and a "Remarkably Whole" logo as payment....and 'cause your friend needs a logo for linking to your posts.... :) Also, tell me this....and you may want to tell your readers. Since Publix's ads start on Weds/ might need to tell your readers which ad this is from....but kudos to you for wrapping up 2 stores!