Monday, February 18, 2013

Ingles' 4 Under $40

If you noticed the other page you'll discover I'm working with more than one grocery store now! But, Ingles is my local market and close and convenient and thereby dear to my heart.

Monday - Pork Chops

The chops on sale are bone-in, so go for the boneless if you'd rather. You've got money in the budget to cover it this week. Fry 'em up or bake 'em. Whatever your family prefers. Apples are a GREAT deal this week. So I figured (while channelling the Brady Bunch) it would be a fun time to try some homemade apple sauce to go with your chops. Peel and slice your apples. Put them into a covered pan or Dutch oven on med-high heat until they begin to boil. Add sugar and/or cinnamon to taste. Easy and homemade and warm for these cold nights! And since sweet potatoes are on sale too, grab a few of those and make a sweet potato souffle with this recipe. She calls for 6 sweet potatoes which may be more than the 2lbs. I recommend, but whatever works for you. Oh yeah - the marshmallows will be another $1.58 added to the total (woops!).

Tuesday - Black Beans and Rice

You know I like to throw in one of these at least bi-weekly. It's a great protein and fiber packed meal that's low on calories and low on price. I also thought the mangoes would be a fun & fresh addition to the island-like flavors of the beans. Prep and cook beans per package directions. Do the same for the rice, adding beans while rice is cooking. (You can also add an endless array of veggies to your pot, just quickly saute before adding in all the other. We like onions, garlic, bell peppers, and fresh tomatoes.) Chop mangoes (you may want to catch a Youtube video to figure out how best to do this) and add to completed dish.

Wednesday - Church

Thursday - Cubed Steak

Fry up your cubed steak as you normally would. I'm not adding the recipe for the long-cooking kind this week. Just salt, flour, & fry to your heart's content. Boil half a bag of red potatoes (I like to do this with the skins on) and roughly mash them with some milk and lots of butter. Or don't mash them at all and serve buttered with maybe even a sprinkling of dill. French bread from the bakery rounds out your meal. A bag salad for $2.50 is not a terrible idea with this meal and it adds something nice and green.

Friday - Ravoli (Pasta) with Homemade Sauce

This meal is certainly the splurge of the week with 3oz of prosciutto costing nearly $6. But, try it. This will definitely be worth the trouble. You'll find it in the deli section just beneath the per-pound meats. It comes prepackaged.

Cook ravioli per package directions. Chop, fry & drain prosciutto. Heat olive oil in a large skillet and add canned tomatoes and salt & pepper (I guessed high on the price of tomatoes because I forgot to price those - who knows?). Cook down until "saucy"  and add Arugula, more salt & pepper and olive oil. When Arugula cooks down add 1 Tablespoon of butter (the original calls for chopped fresh basil here, too, but we're fresh out and this works just as well without). Add prosciutto back to tomato sauce. Toss gently with cooked ravioli and serve warm.

Another week of yummy food for a pretty good bit under $40! Scroll down for list and prices.


Pork Chops & Sides
Pork Chops (Bone-In)
Sweet Potatoes
Apples (Fuji)
Black Beans and Rice
Black Beans
LL White Rice
LL Brown Rice
Organic Mangoes
Cubed Steak
Cubed Steak
Red Potatoes
Bakery French Bread
Fresh Express Salad Mixes
Ravioli & Sauce
Celentano Pasta (frozen)
Organic Baby Arugula
Fresh Express Spinach & Arugula
Diced Tomatoes

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