Sunday, December 30, 2012

Day 12 - The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

So what if I've been under the weather and zonked out of my mind on codeine and want to reach into the recesses of my mind for an Eastwood fix? Maybe I'm feeling the need to channel Clint Eastwood to be able to make it through these next few days that I am feeling are going to get interesting. Although, reviewing the last two weeks and looking over the next two to come I am thinking that I may just have one up on our favorite outlaw.

An afternoon with Cousin Jack,
Aunt Suzanne, Uncle Dan, & Jonah
I noticed this morning that Denys's attitude is getting a little surly. (Yes, I did use the word, surly.) Well, I didn't notice because it's difficult to notice anything when your head is swimming from a codeine induced slumber the night before, but Jason noticed that when asked to get dressed Denys began huffing and puffing and rolled his eyes. Now, this didn't lapse into total drama and he straightened up quickly, but the big bad wolf has raised his ugly head and we both realize it. He also got rather grumpy when I took him to a new Sunday School class. I thought he might enjoy being with the older crowd, but he wasn't happy about the move and tried to ignore me. And finally, when headed out to play with Cousin Jack today, he refused to take his coat - flat out refused - so he went to play in the 30 degree weather without it. As we come to find out, he found a coat, for which we are grateful.

I also noticed (when momentarily recovering from my stupor) that he is looking a bit peaked and has some bags under his eyes. These have not appeared before and in my parenting prowess I am wondering . . . .

Is he sleeping? Or is he up playing video games when he's supposed to be sleeping?
How much candy is he consuming unbeknownst to us? (I refrained from taking a photo of his trashcan - full of candy wrappers.)
In the midst of feeling cruddy and the my own kiddos coughing and hacking is Denys beginning to come down with something and I've just been too self-involved to notice?

I know you see it. I do too. I'm am learning that my parenting skills are SHABBY! My own know the rules and they know how to follow and the subsequent consequences if they choose a different path. I've been training them from the get-go. Getting one this late in the game requires vigilance and discipline and energy and I've been fresh out of those qualities this week.

The good news is that all his candy has been eaten. Yay! (Please don't give us any more.) We've commandeered what's left in the rest of our house and should be able to make it the next two weeks mostly candy free . . . and if we can make it two more weeks then we can go on and on and on and on . . . Ah, now you're catching on to the long-term plan!

Tomorrow morning I will be taking up the video game. I'm not sure where he's hiding it because I was unable to find it this afternoon, but it is somewhere. It will be mine until evening and then I will take it up again when it's time for bed. This kiddo needs as much sleep as my own do and I will not let him get sick because I didn't want him to be mad at me.

Tomorrow is Clean Monday. Usually around here we have Clean Friday, but we have skipped that for 2 weeks and it's time to get this house back into order. Everyone will have a job to do, surly attitudes or not, and we will accomplish a great deal. Even if it has to be done with cough meds on board. (No more codeine, thank you.)

Once we get the house clean the kids will be able to enjoy the New Year's Eve festivities . . . And who can't wait for the post reviewing the Tallapoosa 'Possum Drop?!?!?


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