Thursday, December 27, 2012

Day 9 - Are We There Already?

The first week has flown by. We have all learned a lot about each other and not an insignificant amount about ourselves.

We've been a bit slower yesterday and today. (Thank goodness!) And we have cousin Jack over to play today. I'm officially down for the count and am hoping that the good Dr. Hendricker has some excellent pharmaceuticals in his stash he is willing to share with my poor sinuses and throat. Jason is going to take over this afternoon and keep everyone busy and away from the video games. That being said . . .

There are some members of the fam
that LOVE the snuggle time that comes
with  video game time!
We've hit our first hump in the road and, not surprisingly, it's over video games. The truth is, I don't get video games; I never really have. I enjoyed The Super Mario Bros. back in the day, but there's so much more I could be doing with my time I don't understand why someone would want to sit and play in an imaginary world all day long. That being said, I realize there are plenty of people who do enjoy them and find great relaxation in that imaginary world. I also remember a gal who spent 2 weeks in Costa Rica when she graduated from high school. In the evenings she would watch MTv - not because she was particularly fond of MTv, but because it was in ENGLISH and after a day of Spanish-only communication she needed something that (sort of) resembled home. So, I totally get that Denys is needing some down time and a way to relax away from this crazy world where we go and do all the time and people are always trying to talk with him and he doesn't understand. However, I must draw the line at the Nintendo DS at the breakfast table. No dice, kiddo.

I had planned to start school again next week, but it's looking like tomorrow morning might be a better idea. School early and then play in the afternoon. Video games for only a short while before bed. Does this sound like a good plan? Anyone?

Denys and Jonah at the Christmas Tourney at HCHS.
Tonight was our first high school basket ball game of the season - Go Rebels! Denys seems to have a good time, but in the middle of a free throw by one of our good friends we had to have a quick lesson via Google Translate: Ми не використовуємо слово "лайно". Це не дуже гарне слово.  (We don't use the word "s**t." It is not a very nice word.) He just gave me a big grin and I kept a straight face, but had to giggle on the inside. It's a smart cookie that tests his bounds so subtly. He realizes we run a pretty tight ship, but he seems to be up to the challenge!

I would be remiss if I didn't take a moment to brag on the rest of the gang around here. I caught this picture in Jonah's room early this morning. Do you see what it is? It's his Bible; open and laid out and ready to pic up where he left off. It's an awesome (and convicting) thing when your kiddos realize the need to pursue God in their own lives and without prompting. I'm thinking the Bible was a good "Santa" choice this year. Thank you Lifeway for great deals on fantastic Bibles during the summer!

We also had an exciting event here last night (Day 8). Jason received a call from the Atlanta CBS affiliate wanting to interview him regarding some ministry the church had done over Christmas. So, we did a 10 minute quick-clean and had Mike Paluska and his cameraman, Ray, in our dining room taking video of our Christmas tree and The Preacher. Unfortunately, Ray had his wide angle camera lens going and caught me hanging out in the corner. Ew. But, it was fun and something that certainly doesn't happen every day. It was also a cool thing for Denys to see and to be a part of . . . though he was quickly more interested in playing video games. Surprise, surprise. (Watch the video link here:  CBS Atlanta Video ) We encouraged Mr. Paluska to check into NHFC while he was looking for "feel good, holiday stories," and gave him the NHFC contact info. Hopefully he will have an opportunity to do a story on hosting and promote these amazing kiddos very soon.

It's getting late and I have one kiddo screaming for her daddy, two talking in bed, and one (are you ready for it?) playing video games in bed. They're all supposed to be sleeping. Thanks to Doctor Hendricker and his great shots and new cough meds I plan to beat them to it. Here's to a good night's sleep and a tomorrow that brings with it the ability to talk!


Here's a bonus pic we found
in the HCHS Hall of fame? 
Who is that handsome football player?

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