Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Days 6 & 7 - Christmas!

I think it would be impossible to fit all of these last two days into one blog post. We have had an amazing time and I have seen more gigantic smiles on the face of an orphaned Ukrainian that I'd have ever expected.

Let me reiterate that we were told to expect a child that did not know how to be grateful. We were told to expect a kid that would need to be told how to introduce himself and how to hug. None of these expectations have been Denys. He played all afternoon with my cousins - with whom he's now planning play dates next week. After one lesson he greets everyone with a smile on his face and an outstretched hand. And tonight, when leaving Jason's family's Christmas party he got up, of his own accord, and gave everyone hugs before we left! Ladies and Gentlemen, THAT is a Christmas miracle.

Yes, NHFC, I confess that we have spoiled Denys rotten. Maybe he hasn't had time to be angry or upset because he arrived just in time for the Christmas festivities to begin. Perhaps tomorrow we'll have a major melt-down and an all out fit fest. But we'll worry about that when tomorrow arrives.

For tonight we will sleep knowing that the "stuff" we gave up for Christmas this year was totally and completely worth it. Jason and I haven't missed a thing. Our children haven't missed a thing. And, if nothing else, Denys has gained the perspective and understanding that he is valuable and worthy of love.

Thank you family for doing what you do so well and absorbing Denys as if he's always been one of us.


Prayer Requests:

  1. Please pray for us as we begin a "normal" routine over the next several days. 
  2. Pray that Denys transitions easily into the life that is not always a party.
  3. As we are all tired and worn down and sickness is beginning to appear, pray that we will conquer and not succumb.
  4. Pray that God has prepared a home for Denys and that He would make this abundantly clear to this family.
  5. Pray for me as the reality of living with a 14-year-old Ukrainian is beginning to sink in. Pray that God grace me with exorbitant patience and gentleness. And as the giving is beginning to hurt, pray that God show more grace to me who is much in need.

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