Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Day 14 - We're Halfway There

Denys and an opossum.
I can't express what a delight it has been to have Denys here, in our home, these last two weeks. There have been stressful moments and the occasional rhetorical "What on EARTH are we doing" questions, but I am so very thankful we made this decision and chose to have this young Ukrainian spend Christmas and New Year's with our family.

My entire crew slept late this morning. Compared to some of you, we sleep late around here daily, but today I don't believe we heard from Denys until after 10am. They all had fun last night, but by the time Spencer (the 'possum) was actually dropped, they were about to drop themselves and ready to be in bed. (If nothing else we can wear a kid out around here!)

Cheering for the Dawgs!
We headed to Grandmother's house just in time for the traditional New Year's lunch of greens and black-eyed peas. Delicious! Of course, we added in some hog jowl, mashed potatoes and corn bread just for good measure. Denys chose not to partake in our Southern delicacies and, since he'd just eaten a bowl of Mini Wheats, I didn't push the matter. We checked in on the various footballing taking place around the nation and settled in to watch the Dawgs whip up on those Midwestern corn-fed boys.(I think I mentioned before that we are not afraid to indoctrinate our Ukrainian regarding the importance of God, Family, and the Georgia Bulldogs.) During most of the event, Denys was curled up with his new appendage (can we have that DS surgically attached?), but by the end of the game he was yelling "TOUCHDOWN!" with the rest of the uncles and cousins.

After Grandmother's we headed over to Mimi's to visit and check on Mamaw Sanders (quick trip back to the hospital for an allergic reaction, but otherwise home and doing better, thanks for asking). They were fine and attempted to feed us. And we were obliged to eat a bit more and watch more football. I had some errands to run with MG so I came back just as the Rose Bowl was ending and in time to load up my crew and head for The 'Poosa.
Cars at Mimi's

The boys are now finishing up Spiderman I. Thanks to Aunt Debbie, we now have the entire Spiderman Trilogy so I foresee a movie marathon in my near future. They are bathed and ready to hit the sack.

Yesterday I had asked Denys to check out an Oriental Trade magazine to see if he could find something he would like to take home to the children he lives with. He chose a Celtic cross necklace. It was one of only a hand-full of items they carry that was out of the budget. I found some dog-tag necklaces with crosses and verses on them as a compromise, and he agreed.

 Tonight was check-in with the chaperone. This was the first time I'd heard them talk and he do more than grunt a few syllables. He was animated and excited to tell her whatever it was he was telling her and I was very glad and relived he sounded happy. Apparently she asked him about photos and I told him I was working on a picture book for him. I had planned to keep it a secret, but he was concerned so I let him know a picture book was in progress.

Denys is gaining weight and looking good. He plays hard all day and sleeps well at night - No, he's not playing Guitar Hero into the wee hours. In our final two weeks we are planning trips to fun places and fitting in some more clothes shopping. If you have ideas of things we can do, please let me know. And feel free to join in with us on our excursions. We want to expose Denys to life and love here in the States and you are a necessary part of that exposure.

Happy New Year, Friends!


Other Life Stuff - Tomorrow night some ladies and I are meeting at the church @7p for prayer time and to look at how God has moved in 2012 and prepare for Him to do so again in 2013. I'd love to have you join us!

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