Monday, January 14, 2013

Day 27 - The Final Hours

Solemn. Somber. Rather uneventful. These are the adjectives I would use to describe today. Monday's are always busy here and today was no exception: piano lessons, errands, gymnastics, and any number of other small necessaries that pop up.

Denys opted to stay with Mimi and the girls while I took Jonah to piano lessons early this morning. He has enjoyed playing with this piano during this trip. Were he here any longer we would be talking with Mrs. Sue about piano lessons times two!

Home to begin packing was next on the agenda. I finished all the ironing. We stuffed what we could into Space Bags. Those suckers are great for fitting just a few more things into a very cramped space, but too bad they can't do a thing in the world about weight!

Pouty faces packing 'cases.
And speaking of suitcase weight - Prayer Request - please pray now that his suitcase is not over weight. We got word this morning that the cases were supposed to weigh 44 lbs. That SIX pounds under 50. Six whole pounds. We are mighty close to being right in between those numbers. Please pray Delta's scales are kind in the morning.

He also packed his backpack and it is tight as a tick! A few more people have asked these last few days could they give him something for the return trip. We have been begging them not to give anything. We knew we were close and he doesn't even have an excessive amount of things to take back to Ukraine. I did find a cell phone in his backpack. Those are one of the "contraband" items, but this is one I am pretty sure came over with him. (I don't know where he's had it hidden all this time. I searched diligently for one when he arrived!) I've not seen one of these mp3/slim/flip phone styles in several years so no one I know gave it to him. In that case, it gets to return home!

Before gymnastics this evening we stopped by an auto parts store because Jason needed something for the truck. The kids and I knocked around just to see what was there. Denys found a display of key chains. He asked me to show him a "T" and then he asked for one. Please note that this is the first and ONLY thing he has asked for on this trip. When offered he would accept or decline something and might choose one style over another, but, other than water, he has not, outright, asked for a single solitary thing since arriving. And this "T" key chain was not for himself, but for a friend, Toni. Wow. (And of course it was purchased immediately!)

At the end of gymnastics the boys were given the opportunity to jump on the trampolines and into the "Pit" for a few minutes. They enjoyed it, but wanted more time to play. We headed back to Mimi and Pops for dinner. I finally had a chance to fix a Ukrainian-style meal. Well, it wasn't the cabbage rolls I was hoping to fix (btw - if you need some cabbage, I have plenty!), but a nice Kielbasa and veggie "roast" was easy and very good. He ate a plateful and promptly put his dirty plate into the sink. (I'm gonna miss this kid for more reasons than one! lol)

He did not want to leave when it was time to head home, but got into the vehicle anyway. We talked for bit, went through all his photograph and I marked them with people and places as best I could. (I had to explain that The Varsity was not McDonald's!) And he asked again were we leaving at four. I told him, "Yes," and he held up ten fingers and said, "No. Six!"

If my Ukrainian is incorrect just don't even tell me.
I finished up a little goodbye card and sneaked a couple of very small goodies into his backpack for him to find during the day tomorrow. The candy I purchased will not fit, so off to The Preacher's office it goes. We are heavy-hearted, but still holding up well. Prayer for the early a.m. appreciated.


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