Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Excitement that is Tomorrow

Six am will see me on the highway headed to a hospital to work with a staff I don't know and to teach students I've never met. I'll take a giant leap and return to the world I know and love dearly; the world of women's health. 

I'm thinking we'll all need some Chick-fil-A coffee and biscuits. 

This is the part-time job I've been looking for and praying about; God provided  in a mighty way. (Don't you just love jobs that "fall into your lap?") And though I know He provided this job at this time, can I tell you a secret? 

I am petrified. 

Yep, this gal that had Mother/Baby nursing whipped several years ago is scared to death to take 5 students into the clinical setting. On one hand I'm thankful it's only 5. On the other, when I screw up (and I know I will) they'll all know about it. And, horror of horrors, they'll probably talk about it in class!

But . . .

I will go. Clinicals will be figured out. Students will be taught. And I will take one more step into this life's unexpected. 

In this adventure I choose life of the abundant sort. Yes, I'll still quake on the inside, but I'll be ready to teach and to learn. Most importantly I'll continue to be humbled by a magnificent God who's given me this life and the fact He's transforming me into something Remarkably Whole. 

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  1. Ha! We're switching. I just informed my employers that this will be my last year as a full-time teacher. I'm ready (more than ready) to be more of a stay-at-home mom - especially with the possibility of adding more kids in the next year or so. :)