Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 21 - Less Than a Week to Go

I promised the kids a surprise this morning when they woke up . . . at nearly 10am! (Did I mention we know how to wear some children out?!?) They had to pick up their rooms and make their beds, but I promised to tell them the secret after I was ready to go. The big surprise . . . SWIMMING!

Yep, swimming in the middle of January. Around here that is not your usual January activity and although MG has been wanting to swim weekly since the mercury began falling she was a bit panicked when I mentioned a pool. "Mom, it is cold outside." "Mom, you know it's the middle of January." And from Jonah, "Mom, are we going to swim in the creek?" I made them wait and ponder where we might be going and whether or not this would even be fun or merely an exercise in abuse. They continued to question, but obediently put on the summer's swimwear (Denys in his gym shorts and slippers) and we headed out the door. Thankfully Dad decided to go too; we hate for him to miss out on the fun.

Are you an Olympian?
No, but I did "swim" at a Holiday Inn Express.
We headed to our local Holiday Inn Express where the manager had graciously permitted us to swim, today only, without the purchase of the room. (Yes, I pulled the "Ukrainian Orphan" card again, but swimming was an activity we were strongly encouraged by NHFC to do while they children were here.) He asked that we come in between check-out and check-in; working out perfectly with my plan for the day. We arrived. Swam for an hour and half and came home for lunch.

Now, if we were smart and reasonable people the busyness of today would have ended there. An hour and a half is a enough swimming to wear out any kid. But, for some reason we decided we needed to go bowling again. And not only did we need to bowl, but we needed to take friends.

Our favorite dumpy bowling spot is closed on Tuesdays and after a quick Google search, Newnan offered the what appeared to be the most cost friendly option - though I did forget to print off the coupons. Off we rode Mom, Dad, Denys, J, MG, and AR, our friend Matthew, Cousin Jack and Grandmother. Yep, you're right, there is not a family vehicle made to carry a group that size. We commandeered a 15 passenger van and hit the road. Oh, you saw that correctly. My grandmother DID go with us and enjoyed herself and we were so thankful to have her.

There have been many, many times in these past two months we have seen God do some pretty incredible things, but I must confess, it's when He shows up in the common and simple places I am often most humbled and overwhelmed. Tonight, early Tuesday evening, all 8 of us bowled for $21. Yep, it was league night and we were there early, bowled our hearts out for an hour and it cost us no more than $21. Oh yes, dear friends, that is, indeed, a Mighty God in action in my life.

A well-behaved crew at the Olive Garden.
After bowling our boisterous crowd need to eat and Olive Garden sounded goo to us all. I was concerned that our 6 children would not remember their manners. Other than realizing we need to have, yet another, spaghetti pasta lesson, I was very proud of the way each one used their manners. A funny moment - Denys chose broccoli as his side dish. It was delivered to him steamed and he didn't seem to know what it was. With his fingers he ate every piece and seemed to like the flavor. It was a giggle moment for me as I debated whether to correct him or not. Eating steamed broccoli with your fingers is improper, but it is not disgusting and unappetizing to the rest of the party, so I just let it go.

Home again, home again. Jiggity jig. Everyone was dropped at their necessary locales and our kids had showers done in gold medal time. Teeth brushing was going well and Jason had to tell Denys they would leave early in the morning to head back to the dentist. Boo! He remembered what I had told him about repairing his fillings so he doesn't seem too worried about the procedure. Whew.

Prayer for his mouth tomorrow and that Dr. Monicha will be able to do all that needs to be accomplished quickly and without delay. Pray that he will tolerate the procedure well and recover without difficulty.

Your prayers for his continued improvement in communication are being answered. Slowly, but surely, he is opening up and using more English. We are working to memorize Philippians 1 and he repeats everything I say very clearly and, if he doesn't feel the need to be too silly, rather correctly.

Also begin praying for his return and especially for a little seven-year-old boy who will be left here to sleep in his room alone. I'm pretty sure he's going to be devastated.


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