Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Day 22 - The Preacher Blogs

My apologies before you read for the lack of eloquence tonight as my wife has given me (Jason) this responsibility for day 22.

Today began early with a return trip to Southern Dental in Carrollton.  Our appointment was for 7am so we arrived about 6:45 and waited in the lobby with my now new friend from Cuba- who introduced himself as follows:

"Hey!  Do you speaka da englas?  Well Me very little!  I from Cuba- my wife over dere- she Spani- You probably never understand me"

So it was me, a Cuban his Spaniard wife and a Ukrainian in the Lobby at 6:45- At this point I'm thinking I should have been more on time!  Denys was mostly asleep and my Cuban friend was sharing his disgust with Obama (that I understood as it crosses all language barriers).  As everyone arrived I was invited to go back with Denys and sit right in front of his chair.  I love Denys and was glad to be there with him...however I am not a fan of dentist office noises- especially the drill!  I've never seen it from that angle however and am almost certain that I will not cry the next time I sit in the chair now that I realize it is not an 18 volt Dewalt with a 3/8 in bit

I do still here the noise in my mind and it creeps me out.

Denys however could not have been more calm.  Two cavities filled and one old filling fixed with no Novocaine!  Way to go Denys.  (I asked for some and was rejected)

Thanks be to our God for His servants!  The Doctors Mr. and Mrs. Drew donated their time and service for Denys.  That's right- no cost!  I tried to pay and expressed that people had given us money for this expense however I was told to spend the money on Denys and to keep them informed as to Denys' future. THANK YOU DREW FAMILY!!!

Let me say if you are looking for a dentist- try this place.  If you are not looking for a dentist try this place.  Yes they blessed us and Denys, but more importantly they loved on Denys as well as provided extremely professional service (not to mention they are in a really cool historical house!)

The rest of the day included a trip to MiMi's for chicken dumplings (everybody say Yeah!) and ice cream, oatmeal pies, apple pies, rice crispy treats..... the list goes on and on- it was MiMi's

It was so good to see Mamaw up and about showing glimpses of her old self again.  Thanks for your prayers on her behalf.

The afternoon featured bicycle riding in the yard and a special appearance by Papa Jim who carried Jonah, Millie and Denys across the road to ride the bikes on the track.  They loved it- however Denys was a bit disobedient on the way back across the street and rode his bike instead of pushing as instructed by Papa (and did not look for cars).  I understand that a death threat from Papa Jim translates to most any language including Ukrainian so he got the message never to do that again.

Next Tuesday is looming- pray for us but mostly pray for the will of the Almighty in Denys' life.  We want him to know Christ and live out his purpose.  We want him to have a forever family

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