Sunday, January 6, 2013

Day 19 - Sunday, Sunday

Another lovely day that did not see too much action - or did it?

A vicious rumor was spreading around the 1st & 2nd grade Sunday School this morning that Denys showed up and brought his "MF" with him, but the teacher denies hearing any such thing so we just let it go and moved on. :o)

I realized during the service I probably should have cracked down early & strongly on behavior during worship. There's lots of talking, too much wiggling, and loud coloring going on, but the worst offender is not Denys, it's my other two! So, it's back to the training grounds where the kids only sit with Mom on Sunday mornings and they learn to sit quietly - whether they like it or not. (And though they think it makes me the worst mom EVER, I can honestly say I'd rather farm them out because then I actually get to to listen to the sermon! However, parenting trumps pleasure every time.)

Dear friends invited us to their home for lunch and it was WONDERFUL! We always enjoy visiting and talking with them. And they have kiddos, too, so we can let the crew play with casual observation and everyone has a great time. Rhonda fixed a simple, but yummy lunch of soup and sandwiches - all recipes from Pintrest. (And yes, I'm still utilizing the last ounces of self-control I have to stay off that web site!)

I don't know if you guys have been lifting up my prayer requests or if I've just been praying a lot, but God chose to show up while Denys was on the trampoline. He wanted Jason to see some of his acrobatic tricks and . . . Breakthrough #1 . . . he began yelling, "Da - dee! Da - dee!" Yay! He acknowledged (at least one of) us and called us by name! It took 19 days, but we both thought that moment was super exciting.

We brought the boys home and let them play video games and watch Sponge Bob. If you remember, I mentioned that Denys was not speaking much English. Well, he does know the entire Sponge Bob song and can name all the characters in his cute Ukrainian accent. That counts? Right?

Then it was back to church. While Dad talked the boys colored. They were going to town and probably went through half a ream of printer paper. Their work turned out very nice and . . . Breakthrough #2 . . . Denys brought me one of these pictures (flowers) just before bed and told me it was for me! He also gave his balloon picture to Jason. He's not done anything like this before and, for me, it makes me feel all oozy and mushy inside.

After church we visited with cousins and had (really expensive - never paying for delivery again) pizza. All 7 kiddos played like they'd known each other forever. Denys showed off his acrobatics again. His amazing one-handed-cartwheel-dodge-ball-throw will probably be marked down in the annals of Hatchett/Sanders family history.

At bedtime all the kids were brushing teeth and getting into bed and Denys appeared upstairs. He usually hops into his bed quickly and we don't see him again once bedtime is announced, but tonight he came upstairs and . . . Breakthrough #3 . . . asked to sleep in Jonah's room. Now, we had wondered in the beginning whether we should put him upstairs with us or downstairs on his own. He was excited to have a place of his own when he got here so we didn't push the matter. I often felt he was too far away and that maybe we were treating him like a very formal guest, but I also felt if he wanted space to be alone then he probably needed that too. No, he didn't ask in English, but there was no doubt from his pantomime what it was he wanted to do.

So tonight, after a quiet day filled with remarkable breakthroughs, all 6 of us a snuggled down and tucked in tightly, together, upstairs in our cozy home. Glory to God.


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