Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Day 15 - Who Knew Boys Could Love Nail Polish?

I'm just realizing I didn't get a picture of the calendar Denys chose today at Staples. Corvettes. Suitable, I think.

We ran to Carrollton this morning, completed our errands, and grabbed some lunch at McDonald's. A completely non-Denys-related conclusion, but we will not be eating there, or any other fast food restaurant by that name, again. While wiping down the table I decided it was absurd to eat a food establishment where I am cleaning the table to make sure we don't contract some food borne illness or viral cootie-bug from its previous occupants. Ew.

Shockingly the McD's lunch turned into a farting match for the boys. (And I only use the word "fart" because there is none other quite so appropriate for the goings on in the back of my vehicle.) I shudder to think what state their drawers will be in come laundry day.

After lunch we came home and they all played grumpily. A few chases around the house with the wooden spoon (my kids only) and everyone seemed in better spirits. I figured it was time for a nice craft activity. Oddly enough I almost couldn't find washers around here. The ones I did find were rather small, but they did the trick. We pulled out all my nail polishes and went to town. I'll post the finished products tomorrow as they are still drying, but I am surprised at how nice they all look.

 I think I saw this idea in Family Fun Magazine, but I'm not sure. All you do is paint metal washers with nail polish. Let it dry. Flip it and paint again. Let it dry. Add some hemp rope for a necklace and VOILA! Easy peasy.

MG decided to run some errands with Dad after art time so I lost the boys to the abyss of the playroom. Until, an hour or so later, they resurfaced looking like The Lone Ranger and Zorro on 10-year-old crack. I laughed and took pictures and then they came back with a guitar. And Jonah nearly got his block knocked off. These two have the best time together!

Dinner was Taco night. Most of ate like savages. I'm thinking the McDonald's must have done Denys in because he skipped out on dinner and chocolate ice cream for desert. He got a little ornery when we made him sit at the table with us while we ate, but he did manage to survive.

After dinner the kids watched the second installment of Spiderman and I have to say that Jonah is completely obsessed. He told his dad he might be part super hero. Hmmmm . . . Last week he was part Indian. Good thing he looks so much like his father!

I had heard that you could watch the Ukrainian equivalent of America's Got Talent on YouTube. I pulled it up and Denys and I had a great time watching (only he understanding) that reality show. It was peaceful and he was telling me all about everyone and laughing and really enjoying the program. The only thing I understood was the guy who (badly) sang a song he wrote in English. What I discovered is that babies are just as cute in Ukraine as they are here; contortionists are just as weirdly fascinating; the local historical weaponry group inspires just as much patriotism there as whatever it is we have that's similar. Amazingly enough I think it was a bit of a bonding time for us. Everyone who jumped or flipped or did some sort of acrobatics Denys took the time to point out he could do the same thing. I assured him I knew he could.

Hugs and kisses for everyone and they're off to bed.

I must say that our 2013 has begun with a bang and we're so very thankful this year. Personally, I will be keeping up with my 1000 Gifts list of gratitude and encourage you to do the same. It's life changing and really kind of fun along the way. It's one of the things that helps me live a life that's Remarkably Whole!


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  1. Love the craft idea. Glad to see that Denys is getting along so well with your kids. :)