Saturday, January 12, 2013

Day 25 - The Final Countdown

ящірка (yeshuka) - lizard

There are 3 days left. THREE DAYS! Where did the time go? I am amazed and delighted that 12 weeks ago I didn't not even know there was a Denys in the world and now I feel about him nearly like I feel about my own children. This boy is a precious treasure.

Today we spent time with Uncle Dan - who, if he didn't already have a middle-schooler, would bring Denys back to live with him as soon as possible. The kids rode bikes and came home with the majority of stuff Uncle Dan was cleaning out of his garage (isn't that always the case?!?).

AR is feeling a bit puny today, so she and I stayed home while The Preacher took the kids out to Luther Ranch for the afternoon. They caught fish . . .and LIZARDS! I heard a tale that one host kiddo made it home with a lizard in a small aquarium-thing on one NHFC trip, but I didn't share that story because, sure enough, it wouldn't work this time. So, the lizards remained at the ranch and the rest of the dirty crew came home.

Showers and movie time and maybe we'll be in bed before 11pm?!?

Just like I promised, here are some pictures of Denys' artwork. Yes, the "Angel" is copied from a book illustration, but it's a  freehand copy. He sees a picture and he draws it in his sketch book. I happen to love the blowfish (not copied, just drawn). It's a favorite.
I had one downloaded entitled "Soccer Dad."
I'm not sure why "Soccer Dad" won't rotate correctly, but it's sideways . . .and tonight it will just have to stay that way and not make the cut.

Yesterday was also a fun day. Denys had seen my portraits of the kiddos and had expressed interest in them. I asked him if he might like to have some nice pictures made. He indicated that he would, but that he would especially like a photo in a frame. I had a "Picture People" coupon (those things are GREAT) and so we had portraits made of all the kids together. The nice thing about the "PP" coupon is that it only costs $20 for a about 20 pictures. The down side is that you only get to choose one pose. I let Denys make the final choice of the one he liked best. Of course it's probably the most precious photograph ever made, but then you probably knew that! (he he)

Look at those babies! They are precious and I love them like mad.

I can't believe our time is nearly up. I can't say I'm going to be ready for Denys to leave early, early Tuesday morning. But, we are at peace and trusting God to be as BIG as we know he is. I'll end with a copy of the letter we're sending home in his suitcase. (And there are no words when you're writing a letter to a child that feels like yous that you may never see again.)


Dear Denys,

We are so excited that you came to visit with us this year. We could not have asked for a young man with better manners or who played so well with our other children. We will miss you and thank God you came into our lives. 

We believe that God has a great plan for your life and we cannot wait to see how it unfolds. Be encouraged that you were created intentionally and with great purpose and the God who already inhabits the future will continue to protect you.

You have been a blessing to us. Jonah feels you are one of the very best friends he has ever had. Millie loved receiving the piggy back rides you were always willing to give. And even though she doesn’t understand it, we are grateful for the protection you always showed to Anna - watching out for her and keeping her safely out of trouble. 

In the future choose your friends wisely and strive to make good decisions that will keep you from harm. You can always ask God for help and protection and he will certainly guide you. Continue to read your Bible, especially the book of John. It will help you understand exactly who God is and precisely how he feels about you. 

We are sorry we did not finish your care package before you left, but we wanted to make sure you received these letters from all of us in it’s place.

We love you and we will miss you. We are so glad that we can call you friend. 

Jason & Megan


  1. wow, awesome blog Megan. I have enjoyed all of them!!!! And such a sweet letter!

  2. A beautiful letter. He will treasure this always!!!