Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 23 - A Heavy Heart

NOTE: This blog has been edited and changed from it's original content. Denys has expressed an interest in viewing the blog once at home and we want to make sure he enjoys it 100%!

We had another busy, busy day. I headed off to see our pediatrician this morning for the girls' annual well-checks. They both got Mary Poppins reports (Practically Perfect in Every Way)! Yay! AR does have a bit of a sinus infection, but amoxicillin should clear that right up. The boys did some more wood hunting with Dad, who commented that Denys is a "Great Wood Hauler." I suppose in The Preacher's world that is a high compliment. I'm not sure it's resume worthy, but Jason was impressed. I was worried when they walked back into the house this afternoon because I noticed right away J had worn his "new" tennis shoes (a "no no" for wood hunting). Fortunately he didn't get out of the truck so his shoes remained in decent condition . . . lucky for him and his dad!

We all ate an early dinner at Mimi's (thank goodness for Mimi and fried chicken), left AR in her care and headed to the University of West Georgia basketball game, courtesy of our good friends from church, The Grays.

Because we are those people, we made sure we were at the game plenty early enough to get the free t-shirts on free t-shirt night. And yes, they are wearable. And yes, you will see us in them again. Denys refused to put his on, he suddenly decided he was a Valdosta State Blazers fan - as much to drive J bananas as anything else - but the rest of us Hatchett's donned ours immediately.

The games were good - big fat "W's" for both the gals and the guys. It was also a record setter being the most highly attended basketball game ever in Gulf-South Conference history. Our highlight was a special trip made by Wolfie, the mascot, particularly to see us! When we got home J decided he was going to draw a picture for Wolfie and send it to him. I told him I thought that was a wonderful idea.

And now we're home and it's 11pm, again, and all children are so wired from snacks and Cokes and another late night that they're having trouble falling asleep. Surprising? Nope.


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